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At the Keya Foundation we have created the Lakota Artistry Cooperative for the Artists in the area.  Please feel free to contact us for more information or for information on placing an order!  Stay tuned as we add more artists!  We are focusing on building and sustaining a Lakota Artistry Cooperative to guide and educate our Artists in their business happenings as well as open new network doors for them for future sustainability.

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Annie Chasing Hawk – Artist – Painting, Water Colors, Pencil

As a Lakota, I was taught as a child the scared values of the medicine wheel:  Respect, Courage, Wisdom, and Generosity.  I grew up hunting, fishing, playing basketball, softball and doing all things outside and in the country.  I have four God-children that I am incredibly proud of and strive to help them understand our culture and values.  I strive to embrace the energy from my culture and my background and use it in everything I do.  As an artist I work to reflect these values with each piece I create as it is a reflection of myself.  The idea of the project is to promote a positive self-image of our people, our lands, and our lives.  Through the stories, the art, and teaching I believe we can make a difference.


Annie Chasing Hawk working on a new piece.



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Tammy Eagle Hunter – Artist – Painting

Tammy Eagle Hunter is a Lakota artist from South Dakota’s Cheyenne River Lakota Nation. Although she does not have a formal art education, her current style was honed through years of practicing at home, experimenting with media and styles. Tammy sees her artistic development as a lifelong journey, one in which she is constantly fine-tuning her artistic vision and enhancing skills and techniques. Eagle Hunter’s acrylic-on-canvas paintings are best described as expressionistic, and she draws inspiration from cultural components, subjects and objects that have great meaning to her.  Tammy has two young children who are the world to her and are beginning to pick up their own paintbrushes and paint along side their mother learning the strokes and the culture along with it.

Tammy Eagle Hunter, Artist

Tammy Eagle Hunter, Artist




Tim Swimmer – Artist – Painting, Pencil

Tim Swimmer is a Lakota Artist from Eagle Butte, South Dakota.  He is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.  Tim is one of our newest members to the Cooperative and we are excited to tell you more about him as we move forward!



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