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Good Morning All!  We have had a busy few weeks working on projects for the Keya Foundation.  We are so happy to announce that during this holiday season we received a donation of school supplies from a group of hunters from Wyoming/Colorado.   The Keya Foundation had the pleasure of delivering these goods to the Head Start groups on the Cheyenne River, they will go out to the outlying communities where families are farthest away from a store.  I know the youth will enjoy the supplies greatly.  Thank you for the generous donation!

The Artist Group is coming along as well!  Currently partners for this project include Four Bands Community Fund, The H.V. Johnston Cultural Center, Lindskov’s Isabel School Project, Missouri Breaks Research Institute, and local artists to get this project up and going.  The primary goal of this project is to assist local artists in packaging, marketing, and selling their artwork in various ways including an art gallery, traveling art exhibits, open houses, an internet website to boost their overall economic health and provide them with a livable income.  If you are interested please get a hold of The Keya Foundation at or contact myself directly on Facebook – Justine Kougl.

What would you like to see The Keya Foundation involved in?  Leave a comment below!

Stay Warm everyone!  Enjoy the day inside as it is getting cold and snowy out there!

Snow Much?

Snow Much?

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