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Lakota Artistry Cooperative

The Keya Foundation Inc. a Not-For-Profit organization located on the Cheyenne River Reservation is dedicated to working with local artisans who make unique and quality art pieces to help them further develop and grow their business.  Artists who choose to become part of the Lakota Artistry Cooperative (LAC) will have the support of members of the Local Artistry Support Coalition (LASC).  Local Artistry Support Coalition members are committed to assisting Lakota Artisan Cooperative members grow as individuals and business entrepreneurs.  Current LASC membership include:  Four Bands Community Fund; The H.V. Johnston Cultural Center; Lindskov’s Isabel School Project; Missouri Breaks Research, Inc.; and additional Local Artistry Support Coalition members are being sought.   

The goals of the Lakota Artistry Cooperative (LAC) is to assist local artists/members with:  

  • Increased Business Skills
  • Product Development
  • Grant Assistance
  • Access to Needed Supplies
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Packaging
  • Developing an expanded selling network to market one of a kind and other traditional artwork in various ways (art galleries, traveling art exhibits, open houses, internet website, and etc.) as a way to boost Lakota Artistry Cooperative member artisans overall economic health and provide them with a self-supporting income.  

Questions about the Lakota Artistry Cooperative (LAC), Application Process, or anything else can be sent to:  Justine Kougl at (605) 690-5215 or

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