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Helping Others Help Themselves


The Keya Foundation is currently working on providing the following programs to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.


If you have suggestions on programming ideas please us the contact the Keya Foundation’s director Justine at  


 Lakota Artistry Cooperative

 The primary goal of this project is to assist local artists in packaging, marketing, and selling their artwork in various ways including an art gallery, traveling art exhibits, open houses, an internet website to boost their overall economic health and provide them with a livable income.  Currently partners for this project include Four Bands Community Fund, The H.V. Johnston Cultural Center, Lindskov’s Isabel School Project, Missouri Breaks Research Institute, and local artists to get this project up and going.  If you are interested please get a hold of The Keya Foundation at or contact myself directly on Facebook – Justine Kougl.



Parenting from Poverty to Improve Health in Native American Communities:

This program is designed to help improve the health of infant/toddlers age 0-36 months living here.  This early intervention and prevention project challenges what is typically done in reservation communities. 

The project has two main components.

1. “Laptime” that provides hands on educational opportunities through the 5 P’s:  Physical Wellbeing, Personal Wellness, Parenting, Play and Programs in the Community.  

2.  Establishing a “Coalition for Healthy Children” to improve identifications and utilizations of existing community resources.


Suicide Prevention Program (Behavioral Health Model)

This program will be used to establish a collaborative network and coalition of community professionals/leaders, health care, social service, substance abuse providers, suicide prevention hotline, emergency services, law enforcement, youth program directors and educational service providers who will assist to identify and share at risk behavior information on individuals experiencing suicide ideation, attempting suicide, or who are in need of preventative services for thoughts or actions of suicide. 


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