The Keya Foundation

Helping Others Help Themselves


The name “Keya” was given to the foundation because in the Lakota language, “Keya” stands for Turtle.  The spirit of the Keya represents the guardian of life, longevity and fortitude.  To learn more about the Keya please visit The Akta Lakota Museum .

The Keya Foundation is a made up of a group of people from diverse backgrounds working towards one goal: Building Capacity within our communities.  The method to accomplish this goal is by educating, training, hands-on learning, and developing programs that can be used by the people living in this area as well as those who are living in other areas facing the same problems and issues.  The Keya Foundation is thrilled to be partnering with some great programs in order to make sure its Vision and Mission is a success and continues to be that way for years to come.

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